First of all, please choose oil massage "plus 500 yen" or dry massage. 

  • Head & Face Massage and Reflexology is not available by itself. Please apply a set with oil massage or dry massage always.
  • If you can not take 90 minutes or more for your time, and want to have Head & Face Massage or Reflexology, you may have short the body massage, but it is no longer full body massage.
  • If you want a massage at the same time as the Yoga lesson, we decide to consult the contents in the range of take your time. More than 150 mins is recommended.
  • Just massage wiil be had from 70 mins.
  • If you have sessions on a regular basis, you can have Sotai-hou or reflexology for  30, 40, 50, 60 mins and so on.

    Such as to improve the symptoms of slipped disk, for those who come to continue for some time, or those who have physically anxiety, short courses are also available. Please feel free to contact me so that we have counseling.

From 70 minutes, can be extended by a unit for 10 minutes (1,000 yen).

1.Dry Massage : Japanese Shiatsu and Momihogushi  (from 70 mins)


If you like stronger pressure or you don't like fragrance of aroma.

Because of stretches included, you will be satisfied!

The refreshing after it was over!

2.Thai Traditional Massage   (from 90 mins)


Firm pressure but not painful relaxation massage. 

Lots of stretches as well as pair yoga.

You can feel like royal atmosphere.

Standard is more than 120 mins.


3.Aroma Oil Massage 

plus 500 yen(from 70 mins)


Use the oil with blended essential oils in sesame or rice bran oil, I will loosen the stiffness of muscles while flowing the lymph. Recommended for the first time.

You can totally relax!



(from 30 mins)


Massage thoroughly until the calves from the feet with oil.

Organ function becomes more active, detox effect is great! 

You can feel the body become lighter.


5.Head & Face Massage 

(from 30 mins)


Decollete massage, face up to the head.

You may not notice, but usually it is stiff. Complexion become brighter one tone, rejuvenation will be able to feel!


6.Head Spa

from 30 mins)


Shoulders, neck and especially head massage with oil in the bathtub during cold season, on the chair in the bathroom during warm season.

Including shampoo.



As well as promoting the blood circulation of the scalp, it will also moisturize your hair and be against dandruff♪ 


Long…+1,000yen, Medium…+500yen


※image photo



from 30 mins)


Treatment on yoga mat.

If you correct the distortion of the body such as the pelvis, the stiffness vanishes!

It is more effective if you have massage and yoga lessons at the same time.


※The picture with nude to show the movement of muscle, but you can have it on clothes.

8.The Internal Organ Massaage   (Soft Chinaisan)


(+20 mins with Dry massage or Thai Traditional Massage, +40 mins with Aroma Oil Massage, from 70 mins itself)


It is said to be the internal organs detox massage, not only revitalizing stagnation of the internal organs but also balancing emotions to enhance the original vitality and natural healing power.


【Effect】 · Improve internal organs    · Lower back pain and physical fatigue, alleviate sagging    · Menstrual pain ,menstrual irregularity    · Chilliness relaxation    · Stability of feelings    · Stimulate intestinal peristalsis so as to relieve constipation   · increase immunity   · Beautify skin effect ...etc.

9. Abdomen & Groin           (from 10 mins)


Because they are sensitive parts, it is not including normal massage.

As well as shedding the lymph of the inguinal part, activate internal organs very much, and it also balances the hormones, I recommend you to those who feel dullness or do not get well. Also effective for lower back pain!

Ex1 90 mins Aroma Oil Massage + 30 mins Reflexology
Ex2 90 mins Aroma Oil Massage + 30 mins Reflexology + 30 mins Head Spa
Ex3 90 mins Dry Massage + 30 mins Head & Face Massage
Ex4 40 mins Sohtai-hou + 90 mins Dry Massage


  • Please tell me at the time of a reservation, if you want the no fragrance oil.
  • Free shower, foot bath and herb tea at Kumagaya studio.
  • If you use the travel services, please prepare mattress (or a bed or futon) and bath towels.
  • In the details of male massage (such as happy ending), I am to live up to your request as much as possible, please contact me. 
  • If you have a chronic disease, the athlete's foot ...etc, you can not have massage. Please confirm the page of Notice  in advance.
  • Other studios are only for yoga and Sotai-hou. Massage impossible.