Middle 30's, 170 cm, 54 kg

(I keep around 10% of percent of body fat because of yoga more than 10 years)


Body is not to be showed by the others. Body making necessary to own life is important.


More than yoga career 15 years


More than yoga instructor career 5 years


More than massage therapist career 5 years


I mainly learned Hatha yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and Okido Yoga in Japan, Oceania, India and completed TTC.


I am aslso Vipassana meditator.


Was involved in the yoga of various styles in all parts of the world and met various people and repeated instruction experience.


I have worked relaxation massage therapist.

I have got the certificates of Ayurvada massage in India, Thai massage in Thailand, Sohtai-hou in Japan.


For early 20s, I was troubled by stress and poor physical condition and met yoga after many twists and turns.

Yoga is not only to perform as a part of the exercise in a gym.


Because "it is comfortable", I can continue. I want to tell yoga in line with everyday life to all of you.

Please take care of time to face yourself and reflesh body and mind. Let's Relax & Detox!

Please try to experience private lessons to meet your demands.


"My body is hard, can I do yoga?" I offen got this question. Of course, that's why you should do it I think. Anybody can do Yoga regardless of age or sex. .


I instruct you to be able to do easily even the first time, and if you remember, you can do in your home by yourself. 
I teach as your body and mind can feel comfortable, and you are able to relax.
I do the lessons to suit for each one and to match your condition at that time.

And because one-on-one, please ask anything that you do not understand. Also available on requestplease don't hesitate to say.